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Well, I hit the mother lode the other day and got some cross stitch magazines for really good price! I went through the ones I wanted to keep and I've listed the others under my goodies for sale. Take a peek and let me know which one(s) you're interested in -- I'm only asking $1 per copy plus the S&H.

My currently sorted stash has been sold BUT I'm going to be adding some more Light Effects and some Variations and maybe even some hand-dyed flossies to the sale board! Gotta finish the summer semester homework in all three classes first...LOL.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Shame on me!

I haven't done an update in almost a month! Sheesh!! Well, that's gonna change...LOL. Let's see, middle son took me to see Cowboys and Aliens yesterday. That's one movie I wouldn't mind PAYING to see again!!

My stepdad is doing pretty good now -- he's using his walker more and his wheelchair less. And he's eating better (he turned 80 in March and after we lost Mom last December, he sort of wilted). Since he and my soon-to-be-ex get along so famously, and my ex couldn't find work and his unemployment ran out, Dad fired the other caregiver (she was ripping him off royally!) and hired Stan to be his live-in caregiver. Talk about a win-win for the both of them! He pays Stan HALF of what he was paying that woman and of course, pays the bills and the groceries, so Stan actually has money to help me out!

My little muttster, Scrappy Doo is doing great for heading for the 9-year mark. Most of the time, he acts like he's 9 MONTHS old!

I'm planning to go ahead and go back to school in September and finish up my Associates' Degree once and for all!

Oh, and by the way, IF you become a follower to my blog, you can enter to win some really, pretty goodies (will announce them later).


  1. Is a 13 a lucky number? I'm your follower # 13! We are together in I love Cross Stitch yahoo group.

  2. Sure it is! The last time I won at a REAL bingo, it was on #13!